Your Song

“When a woman of the Ubuntu African tribe knows she is pregnant, she goes to the jungle with other women, and together they pray and meditate until you get to “The song of the child. “When a child is born, the community gets together and they sing the child’s song. When the child begins his education, people get together and he sings his song. When they become an adult, they get together again and sing it. When it comes to your wedding, the person hears his song. Finally, when their soul is going from this world, family and friends are approaching and, like his birth, sing their song to accompany it in the “journey”.

“In the Ubuntu tribe, there is another occasion when men sing the song. If at some point the person commits a crime or aberrant social act, they take him to the center of town and the people of the community form a circle around her. Then they sing “your song.” The tribe recognizes that the correction for antisocial behavior is not punishment, but is the love and memory of his true identity. When we recognize our own song, we have no desire or need to hurt anyone.

“Your friends know “your song”. And sing when you forget it. Those who love you can not be fooled by mistakes you have committed, or dark images you show to others. They remember your beauty as you feel ugly, your total when you’re broke, your innocence when you feel guilty and your purpose when you’re confused.”
Tolba Phanem
African poet

You Tryna Kick That Knowledge… Nah Im Tryna Kick The Sh*t You Need To Learn Though…That Ether

Hello Hi,
It’s been a minute since I last updated maybe because I’ve been up dating. Hmm who knows 😏

The topic of this blog is 9 Ether

This topic may be quite new to most. So I’ll do my best to make sure you have an understanding of the terminologies used.

First I will define ether (aether) according to its popular definition. Then i will trace its roots back to its more ancient origins for a fuller comprehension.

Ether according to oxford dictionary

1. The regions of space beyond the earth’s atmosphere; the heavens.

2. The element believed in ancient and medieval civilizations to fill all space above the sphere of the moon and to compose the stars and planets.

Lets now turn away from the modern and seek an explanation from the ancient Greeks after all it is a Greek word.

The aether (also spelled ether, from the Greek word (αἰθήρ), meaning “upper air” or “pure, fresh air, the upper pure, bright air,”

from aithein “to burn, shine,” where the Ethiopians got their name from to “burn or shine with brilliance” The Ether-Utopians.

Modern European scholars with their post slavery mentality tried to enforce a degeneration of the name coining the term Ethiopians “those with burnt faces” which couldn’t be further from the truth. The ancient greeks were not racist towards these Africans far from it, they worshiped their strength wisdom and beauty. Even claiming their origins from these people.

The word ether also finds its origins in the Sanskrit word Akasha
“In Hinduism Akasha means the basis and essence of all things in the material world”

Ether or Efwa (Earth, Fire, Water, Air) is the substance of everything pervading throughout the boundless universe it is the quintessential element that causes and sustains life. It is “spiritual matter” the building blocks of life. It moves in, out, through and around us.
Ether has various forms of manifestation both seen and unseen
But for the purpose of this blog I will relay only the useful information for this enquiry.

You Tryna Kick That Knowledge… Nah Im Tryna Kick The Sh*t You Need To Learn Though…That Ether

I feel the aforementioned definition on ether will suffice at THIS stage. But the next question should be if this blog is about 9 ether what does the 9 mean in relation to ether.

The number 9 holds the key to life.

In supreme mathematics the number 9 is a supreme number, a magical number.

There is no number higher than 9.
Think about it.
10 is not a number it’s a combination of two numbers 1 and 0 which equals 1.

Take a look at your 9 times table to see how special 9 is:

2x9=18 1+8=9
3x9=27 2+7=9
4x9=36 3+7=9
5x9=45 4+5=9

Nine to the ninth power of nine

Nine (9) is a fertility number always giving birth to itself.
Nine (9) is the number of months in a period of pregnancy, the formation of physical life.
Nine (9) is the symbolic number placed in all Nubians hair follicle.

9 ether is conscious (awareness) and conscience (moral judgement) sub material and material gasses. It is the highest form of ether that constantly perpetuates life light and love. The three EL’s. L =12th letter 12x3=36. 3+6=9.

9 Ether is essentially Generated by the Sun (and All True Suns called Stars.)


9 Ether first generated the physical body of the sun. In other words the suns of the universe are self created.

Take note of the word generate has at its root the word gene which produces generations where the word genesis comes from “the Genes of Isis.

As the late great Tupac said “we don’t die we multiply” each Sun gives birth to new Suns.

Now 9 ether is essentially the force in nature that grows and create things.

After the first stage of creation 9 ether manifested itself or should I say personified itself as flesh and blood beings, they became human beings from atom to Adam.

Being the combination of all living gasses and light energy they first personified into melaninated beings. Those dark skinned wolly hair Beings with abundance of melanin.

Millions of years later when the evolutionary forces kicked in did they start personifying other than dark skin woolly haired beings.

Remember 9 ether is the combination of all existing gasses in nature, nothing can be as powerful as all existing gasses. They first created Suns which generate 9 ether and manifested on planets like Earth in etheric form to personify as 9 ether Melanin beings, but because of evolutionary forces (6 ether) they now personify in other than dark skin woolly haired beings.

I think i will rest here but if there is anything you don’t understand or you would like more clarification on or would like to discuss topics raised don’t hesitate to @ me @Kalam_EL

Im Going HAM on a MOFO

I feel raped and robbed. The actual audacity of you foul mouth racist individuals

I shed a tear every time i hear some one say the curse of ham in an abusive ignorant manner

How dear you open ur crooked teeth an mouth to spit forth such venomous lies may my ancestors haunt u for the rest of your days pagan

To make it worse im hearing grown ass ignorant baboons flapping gums on the matter, usually i’ll let it pass, but nah not this time. That acidic tongue of yours must be purged from this earth. Demon

If u dont know who Ham is, he is the son of Noah who looked upon Noah’s nakedness and told his brothers.
So…. Noah was a drunkard?
No comment.
When Noah realised what happened, he cursed HAM’s SON CANNAN to serve his brother etc etc.
But what about cursed to be black? That is an out right lie & fabrication. It is not mentioned nowhere in any holy book.

So out of the preceding statements Pale Skin Arab MUSLIMS invented & justified for themselves blacks are a curse and are to be our slaves. Jewish people tried to demonise blacks also & Christian Papal used that verse to sanction slavery to get a few dinahs in their pockets.

I want to Scream Shout and Straight Stone Cold Steve Austin Stunner all of u soulless lying preachers immams and rabbis may ur lungs be infected with aids and your heart be fed to an african ant.

Adam the first black man and eve the first black woman of the bible had all black children all the way down to Noah, Noah had triplets who were all black, not of three different races as they would like u believe.

Noahs son Ham, kham wich means black who were Al Khamist because they knew Al Khamy which is where the root of Khemist, chemist comes from. These Hamites were skilled in the african science or black science turning lead into gold and breaking down the 99 natural elements plus 1 and giving them atributes plus names. But when the arabs invaded they took the 99 attributes and made their god Allah, the greeks came in an took the 99 elements for their occult and science and called them hydrogen helium berylium etc. The hebrews took the knowledge and created their mythology from Atum to Adam to Atom, the secrets are held in the name 3x3.

Ham had fours sons: Kush, Mizraim, Put & Cannan. Kush is Ethiopia where one of the Magi in Jesus’s time came to deliver him Frankincense & wisdom. Mizraim is egypt where Jesus, Abraham & Moses had to go to be taught how to be knowledgable and Powerful. Put is morden day Lybia before the europeans migrated to the shores. Cannan is the Jordan Jerusalem area.

In reality there was a skin curse placed on cannan. If u know anything about the bible you would know that all curses pass down through the father to the fourth son and its usually a genetic curse.

Here is where these people tried to fucks wid yall minds. All genetic curses of changing skin colour was always from black-brown to white.

Dont believe me check it out

God got mad at gehazi servant of Elisha 2 kings 5:20-27 and turned him leper as white as snow aslo to uzziah son of amaziah 26:19-20 he did the same to Miriam Moses sister Numbers 12:5-10 she didnt like the fact that moses was maryying a darker skinned Ethiopian Numbers 12:1 i can go deeper and deeper in this subject but i choose not to. The curse of Cannan was the curse of the first Whites being born with Albinoism and Leprosy

U dont have 2 believe me but atleast read The Teachers Bible Comentry ( H. Franklin Paschall & Herschel et al 1972) page 21:

"Negroids are not descendants of Cannan, who was white, but Descendants from Ham. The curse was not predicted upon all of Ham’s descendants, but only upon the cannanites"

Take note this is white people saying this.

So any time u hear people chatting ish straight slap dem from me. But u see where black people have such a rich culture and history others will try their best to defame. We wont play word games and enslave u! No we brought u in an taught u our sciences then u created judaism islam christianity & freemasonary and these are the powers ure using to just FUCK up this world.

U see me im not the darkest of brothers but when i see a dark skin brother i know say his gene is more dominant than mine he comes from that original seed the time before mixing. when i see a natural curly hair female i know she has that strong nine ether gene i pay homage.

"Darker the berry the sweeter the juice"

In @MrExposed case “the blacker the berry the filthier she juice”

If u study science u will know what dominant and recessive genes are. At that point u will honor ur mother and fathers for your days to be long. The ancestors should be acknowledged and respected. without them you wouldnt be here.

Peace Love and Afro Grease


What your about to hear has been kept a secret throughout the ages, the most powerful and influencial people in the world who are the elite know these secrets an have coveted these secrets from the average man. Fortunately ive been able to procure these well hidden secrets and feel its my dutie to empower those who wish to be empowered & want to be on the other side of the totem pole.

Their is a famous quote that says:
“My people are opressed because of their lack of knowledge.”

Power is to have knowledge. Knowledge of something not only gives you control over it, but also gives u power over those who have no knowledge of it.

So lets try to get you in the KNOW so your no longer controlled by money and by those who have control over money but transform you into the ones that ARE in control.

What is money?
To keep it simple money is a curency for the use of the exchange of goods & services. It’s actually a promisary note.

What is a promisary note? If you take a £20 note an read the front it says “i promise to pay the bearer on demand twenty pounds” signed bank of England. So a promisary note is a piece of paper that promises whoever holding it to be paid that certain amount & that is whats being passed around as money. So in other words our money is a piece of paper with the words I O U written in fancy dancy english,
Every time i read the word promise all i can hear is my mum saying “promise! Promise is a comfort to a fool” so my next question is:

Are the banks taking us for fools?
If we read quite carefully it promise us twenty pounds, my question is twenty pounds of what? 20 pounds of wheat, barley, AIR? please bank please tell me!

Lets break this down, the word pound is a weighting amount (lbs) for example: “man just went to the gym an benched 100 pounds still” or “I lost 6 pounds doing Zumba”. Pre 1946 our money was weighted on sterling ie pound sterling, which is silver, we could bring our note an recieve 20 pounds worth of silver. Our money is no longer backed on silver but thin air. If you dont believe me go to the BANK an DEMAND your SUM OF MONEY.

On that NOTE lets get into sum inner teachings.

The elite comunicate in parables & symbols to teach their member. Their symbols are hidden in broad day light only DECIPHERABLE to those initiated in to the mysteries. I hope to shed sum light on their secret LANGUAGE of SYMBOLISM.

Since this post is called ILLUMINATI SECRET TEACHINGS ON MONEY lets start with the great seal on the dollar bill.

The PYRAMID is an overtly African symbol for those who have an eye to see but not for those whose eyes are wide shut. The pyramids base is a SQUARE representing the physical which man is composed off, the pyramid apears to be an ascending TRIANGLE which represents man trying to reach his highest ideal which is GOD who is represented as THE ALL SEEING EYE the OMniscient symbolically a CIRCLE because no one knows where a circle begins or ends, everlasting.

If we take time out to count the number of stones on the pyramid we will find 72, this is a very symbolic number which represents the 72 Names of God in the Kabbalah, Jesus had 72 Deciples, every 72 years the Earth shifts a degree in the zodiac. The number 72 is iconically representive of Fullness, multitude & wholeness.

The banking system uses The Rule of 72 to work out compound intrest & the elite use it for Investments, in a form of an Algorhythm, this system must be learnt and utilised to have money making money for you whilst you sleep.

Also there are 13 steps on the pyramid symbolically for the 13 STEPS TO RICHES.

13 is Symbolically the letter B if u glue the two numbers together, the letter B is actually a Bee which is an insect of industry and royalty because the queen Bee is in charge and she has her workers protecting & building the Bee Hive.

The 13th leter in the Alphabet is M wich represent Mason or the Mothers Son who works industrialy with his brothers to complete his mothers plans. We should take example and work in harmony with our Brothers to build & protect a kingdom fit for The Most High here on Earth.

I have so much more to say on this subject, such as who the illuminati are, the 2 orders of amber & green light, the positive illuminati & negative ones, 13 steps to riches, soloutions to the NWO,
Jay Z & Kanye West, the science of money, spirituality etc etc but the space dosent permit me so im gonna post it up on my next 1.

Stay Tuned

Government juice

So I’m forced to rant about the universal stinginess of the people I’m sorounded by.
Okay so this has become more than predictable NO its actually a routine, in every household I have visited in the last year, I enter as Abdi the starving orphan boy from the Oxfam ad, all i require is juice, food & hospitality, but just like the oxfam advert im painfully ignored whilst flies are penetrating my nostrils & dry white crust where saliva once used to be, just hangs off the vagrant corners off my lips.

If i recollect corectly the night before me & you were both out popping champers, talking wreck about “buy out the bar…. Yeap Yeap buy out the bar” Now i have come back to your crib and all you have to offer man is GOVERNMENT JUICE in a stained glass and to make it worse this Zutenburg actually washed the glass!
How do i know? Ca the soap suds is still floating at the top of the glass infecting my grey chlorine filled water.

The audacity of this YUTE i should stab this prick in his jugular and tell his Mum.

To make it worst my belly is sounding like a hungry deceptocon transforming.

Me I am no stranger to scavaging so on a commander 007 tip i skirmish through my man Lawrence of Arabias cupboards to be assaulted by dust & spidermans 8 foot razzle. All while this GOONGU HEAD has strolled off to blissfully urinate on his mums toilet seat & maroon carpet.

Out off nowhere Culombo returns whilst i’m still frantically prying an slamming shut cupboard doors, im all their looking like Julie from Eastenders. I might off actually felt guilty if their was FOOD but naaah it was one off them Americas dumbest criminals moment; robbing the till, getting home and finding out there’s no money inside. As he returns he cuts his eye at me like some queer transvite. 2’2’s he climbs up on the counter to go behind the cupboard to pull out a pack of Lidil’s no frills crackers & Mama Amas Shito.
This is how u know i’m in MITCHAM kmt.

Ladies you to dont DISS ME OFF
How can i come to your house and you offer me GOVERNMENT JUICE *rage* The next person that gives me government juice i’m a piss in their kitchen sink & wet wipe my dick on their tea towel.
*side note*
whose done that before? You know, when you were younger playing with your figurines & you couldnt be bothered to rush upstairs so you squat over the sink & released running waters
*smirk* ya dirty bitch!!! Go wash your draws your pum pum to damn renk. On a reall though whose thought about it? Raise your hand, now take that same hand and straight slap yourself, you no up bringing disgrace to Vagabonds.

Girls are SLY ya knaw
They’re the ones that will bring you a drink in a cup and watch you almost spit it back up *cheap orange squash* whilst they’re there all sweetly drinking tropical juice in their own.

Check the DECEPTION:
1: she brings me the drink in a clear Glass yet she has her drink in a coloured cup.
2: my drink is luke warm yet hers is swimming with ice cubes meticulously concealed.
3: im drinking government juice with cheap squash whilst shes drinking chilled ribena straight from the carton

Now this LOZENGER is all smilling in my face watching me drink this pilchered poison singing in her head “whats in my cup stays in my cup my drinks in my cup” now im their sitting in my one corner thinking Oh Allah, Jahova, God, Mami Wata, is this the punishment i get for peppering my friends drinks when i was younger?? Ah Ah please Lord im not that cruel sadistic Jancrow i used to be. Punish this Mercy from Eastenders look a like and i promise i will start going church again.

To all prying eyes that have stomached the bablings of my mind dont give me no Government juice if ever i step into your abode. I will visit Mr Adjakpoktu & lace your ribena with JUJU, you have been WARNED.